Stargate Atlantis Wallpapers

Changing the wallpaper on your computer or phone is soooooo much easier with Digwallpapers. We have great collections of wallpapers in all styles. Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist or a cookie monster, there’s a gorgeous background waiting for you. Welcome to the Playground of the Wallpaper Obsessed.

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What is 4K?

4K resolution is 2160 pixels tall and 3840 pixels wide, but someone decided that “4K” sounds better than “3850K” so there you go. It’s a happy new era for photographers, gamers and those of us who spend our days working in visual arts like wallpaper. We’re very enthusiastic about our 4K collections and will be constantly expanding them like collection of landscape backgrounds. However, if you don’t yet have a corresponding monitor and you want one of our 4K wallpapers, go ahead and try it; it will probably look amazing on your desktop.

What does Full HD mean?
What’s the difference between 4K and HD?
What is 8K?
Is it possible to install desktop wallpapers on a phone?